Reid Goldsborough  

"Personal Computing" is a syndicated column I write every two weeks about, you guessed it, personal computers. I try to make up for my sorry lack of originality in the column name by making the column itself colorful. And just as the name "Personal Computing" tells you straight-on what the column is about, I try to be as lucid as possible in discussing issues and products relating to hardware, software, and the Internet, which can be anything but clear.

"Personal Computing" originated with the Philadelphia Inquirer and is currently carried by about 25 publications, including professional and trade journals, consumer magazines, newspapers, and Web sites, with each having exclusivity to it in its market.

If you're interested in publishing any of my "Personal Computing" columns in your publication or at your Web site, or to contact me otherwise, send me email.

Needless to say, each of my columns is copyrighted:
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