Reid Goldsborough  


About me

I began writing "Personal Computing" in September 1994, initiating syndication efforts three years later. I'm also author of the book Straight Talk About the Information Superhighway, published by a Macmillan imprint and used in college classrooms, and have been a co-author of the annual Consumer Guide book Computer Buying Guide.

I've contributed cover stories, feature articles, and product reviews to PC World, Internet World, Yahoo Internet Life, MSNBC Interactive, InfoWorld Direct, Computer Buying World, PC Today, PC Novice, PC Upgrade, Computer Buyer's Guide and Handbook, PC Home Journal, PC Resource, and other publications.

In addition to writing about computers, which is future oriented, I write about a hobby of mine, ancient coins, which is past oriented, the balance keeping me more or less oriented myself. I've also written magazine and newspaper articles about health care, politics, business, community affairs, the environment, history, travel, and photography.

Before becoming a fulltime freelance writer, I worked as the editor of a photography magazine, director of an air pollution information center, writer for a corporate consulting firm, media director for a political action committee, copywriter for a medical advertising and public relations agency, editor at an optometry magazine, and reporter for a community newspaper.

Writing recognition includes a national Neal award for editorial excellence, two Chilton awards, two Addy awards, two Rx Club awards, and a Numismatic Literary Guild award.

My formal education consists of a Master's degree in journalism from Temple University and a Bachelor's degree in business administration from Boston University, the former earned evenings while working full-time during the day. I've also taken numerous evening classes, workshops, and seminars.

I've been asked to talk a number of times to classes of college and high school students about journalism, and I've given talks about writing and the Internet to the Medical Marketing Association, the Philadelphia Writers Organization, and the Philadelphia Area Computer Society.

To contact me, send me email.